Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Rising issues about G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara.

I'm sure everyone is by now familiar with the G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara issue followed by the Marijuana issue, well i have read some articles and also saw most comments towards these issues and i feel that a number of people are over reacting including the media who is always looking for a way to bring down famous celebrities or finding ways to put dirt on they're reputations. The article which i most recently read was "Netizens react to Dispatch's photos of G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on an alleged date", after reading it i came to know alot of things since i'm not familiar with the talks about Kiko being called a "right-winged"who hates Korea and also about G-Dragon though i know he takes Marijuana but i did NOT know that the issue had reached such a height that people are posting hate comments towards him and hoping for him to be arrested and sent to jail. I agree that the taking of drugs is illegal but if someone is doing it then its not your responsibility to tell him what is right and what is wrong, the person has the fullest rights to do whatever he is doing and he is answerable for his own deeds to WHOM HE SHOULD BE ANSWERABLE TO not to those who hate him to the extent of seeing him suffer, there are those who might face many problems by the suffering of that person (not GD in specific) and no one has the right to say bad/harsh things to anyone no matter what the case. Yes i believe in the right to share thoughts but if sharing your thoughts means hurting someone with your words then i am highly against it. 

Coming back to the issues, G-Dragon is not answerable to the audience or the media for whatever he is doing and firstly why are such things being posted related to the personal lives of celebrities? Don't they have any personal space? To those who are saying that GD should be arrested and jailed, what good will it come to you people? Just inner peace i suppose. Just because you people hate him doesn't means that should pray for him to suffer. Not just him what about Kiko? Has she ever done something wrong to you? Just cause she hates Korea and is herself half Korean does not means that you people have got a reason to post bad things about her and insult/degrade her. There are those who hate their motherland and are themselves living in it, what about them? No one has ever raised a voice about this, then why when celebs do it and even if the do why are you guys interfering anyways? I mean yeah some of you might be VIPs or Kiko fans so u guys like to know each and everything about them but please if you all are such good supporters then stand with them and tell the media to stop posting their personal issues and trying to bring them down. Atleast you guys can post online on websites, blogs, facebook, twitter and whatsoever you can on, this way the media will know the strength of the supporters and will know better than to talk shit about celebs. I am most expectant from the VIPs because they are strong and compassionate supporters towards BIG BANG and they support G-Dragon by posting pictures, articles and blogs of condolence for him, this way both G-Dragon and the media including the people hating G-Dragon will know that the VIPs are there and will never stop supporting him.

Now for those who say that both GD and Kiko are unlikable, how do we know that you people are not unlikable yourselves? Ok yeah you hate them , fine no problem but what about you all? How would you feel if people started saying harsh things about you? Wouldn't you be mentally tortured? Then what do you think GD and Kiko are going through? How would they be feeling when they find out that people are hating them so much? Have anyone of those who said they hate GD and Kiko have any shame? Are you guys familiar with humanity? This is not the way, you guys shouldn't be doing or saying such things. The media will never stop since its their job to do so but if we stand together then maybe they will somehow give up. Another reason for the media to act this way could be that when some celebs reach high popularity then there are some rivalries who want to bring them down so ultimately their main tool becomes the media by which they can do such things. And secondly, no one should judge someone without knowing them first, as you might have heard "never judge a book by its cover" but then there are those who can't stand someone's success and are themselves buried in complex and the only thing they can do to satisfy their hearts is to hurt others. So, to those in the category of hating GD and Kiko, don't be so mean try being a little nice. 

And when it comes to GD and Kiko dating its none of your concern, if they are happy with eachother then whats killing you? You should be happy that they are finally going to start a new life and if you can't then don't be so rude either. They both have the right to date whenever they want and wherever they want and no one could or should stop them. 

As a conclusion, i would like to say that i am not disrespecting anyone or the media i am just stating some serious points and facts which should be noticed. The victims, G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara have my full support and respect since they have done nothing wrong nor have they hurt anyone, ok the marijuana thing that is a problem but still its GD's headache not yours so just chill. This blog was meant to let you guys know my opinions and to show my care and support for G-Dragon. I hope no one was offended and that these issues will be solved peacefully. 

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