Saturday, July 26, 2014

My thoughts on Baekhyun & Taeyeon dating

Tbh, I don’t care that they’re are dating, like why would I? They are both human and they can see, date and fall in love with whoever they want. The thing that I’m just feeling weird about is the whole Instagram thing. I understand why some fans are mad. They clearly stated before this whole dating thing was revealed that their instagram posts were for their fans. Baekhyun is not my bias but tbh, I would feel abit hurt if Lay or D.O sent secret messages to their girlfriends on a site that they clearly said was for me and other fans. Seriously there is like 289478905 other social network sites that they could of used to send messages to each other, they could of called or texted each other or something. But in saying that, I am happy that they are both .. kind of happy,. To all those exotics or sones who are saying “Kill yourself Baekhyun” or “I hate you Taeyeon for taking my oppa from me” really need to go get a reality check, zzz I hope that they last long with their relationship and that people will accept them. 

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