Friday, May 23, 2014

What its like being an INTERNATIONAL FAN.

I've been a blogger for almost a month now so I thought I would write a special post.

What is it like being an International Fan?
Its really really really hard being us right? Lets break it down in sections.

Struggle Number 1 - Language Barrier
Most of the time we are alright because there are lovely youtubers or sites who post videos up with ENGLISH SUBTITLES. But when you've been waiting a whole week to watch something and you cant watch it because there are no English subtitles this is when you become almost insane. You see cuts of parts of the show your favourite kpop group is in and you just don't know if you should watch it because you wont understand what theyre saying. Its very difficult trying to watch a Korean show without subtitles because you have no clue whats going on.

Struggle Number 2 - Kpop Merchandise Prices
Admit it guys and girls. How many times have you wanted something like a Album, or merchandise of even a poster set and looked at the price and gone "WHATTT? WHAT? WHAAAAT?" Sometimes its really expensive buying KPOP stuff especially if some of your favourite groups all come out with a new album at the same time and your just thinking "But, I'm not rich I cant buy them all!!" What about Shipping costs? Oh dear sometimes it can be more expensive then the product itself.

Struggle Number 3 - Concerts
*sighs* How exciting is it when your favourite groups announces that they are going on a world tour? HORRAY ! WOO! Then you read the countries they are going to and somehow your country suddenly you don't see your countries name on it. Like what?? Its a "World Tour" so my country must not be part of the world then. How annoying. What about when there is a concert in your country yet its either far away from where you live or the tickets are way too expensive. B.A.P recently came to my country (Australia) and they held their concert very far from where I lived. The tickets where around $100 - $180. Wow that's alot of money to be spending on one night.

Struggle number 4 - Sasaengs in Korea
Oh how much HATE I have for those people. Sasaengs are the most obsessed humans on this planet. What makes International fans most angry are sasaeng fans in Korea. They see idols nearly everyday on TV, they attend fan signings, they are lucky to speak and understand the same language as the idols, they can see them at the airport, they see them at concerts or tv stations and music shows yet that still isn't enough for them. They are so selfish. As international we can only dream of how great it would be to even see our biases in real life one day. We only see them on our computer screens and phones. Fans in Korea should be really grateful because they are the luckiest kpop fans there are.

Struggle number 5 - Live Streaming
When you've be excited all day to watch something then when its finally on you almost cry because the streaming is horrible. Slow Internet or low reception are the worst things that can happen to you. What about if your enjoying something then suddenly the connections stop and you have to pause it and keep replaying it and then it fails. How frustrating.


It is hard being an international fan. We love our kpop idols as much as the Korean fans do. We should be applauded on the problems and struggles we go through just so we can laugh with them and enjoy the music. Many of us learn Korean or try and learn Korean so we can understand more. Many of us spend time and money on supporting kpop bands/soloists. All I'm saying is that, I hope kpop idols can appreciate us International fans for trying our best to learn alot so we can support them and be there for them. Even though some us may never get to meet them. Remember we are strong so FIGHTING !!!


  1. OMG you've said it all ! Thank you for expressing my deepest feelings about how it's so hard to be an international fan

  2. Oh thank you for reading my blog post 😊

  3. I was also too far away to go to the concert in Melbourne and Sydney.
    I share all your feelings in this blog. It was great to read.

  4. Soooo true! New Zealand is like not even on the map for them kpop artists! I wish they'd come and do a concert here!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh. The struggle is real!!!

  5. Omo this is so true! I went to see B.A.P in Melbourne, but i had to fly there from Adelaide costing all around $1000 dollars in the end :(

  6. Your timing for posting this is so so right. I'm an international fan. I love Exo but I only have 1 album of them (and that is also my only kpop album I own). They just had a concert in Seoul and I'm crying because I can't go there. The ticket for the plane is even more expensive than the ticket for the concert. When they came to the Philippines, they only went to Manila. I live in Cebu for Pete's sake and it's like islands away from me. Omfg. But I'm already contented watching videos from Youtube. And yeah, I also hate saesangs.