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Voice, Visual, Value in Excelsis

VIXX is a six-member boy band under Jellyfish Entertainment. Discovered in MNET's reality show MyDol, were 10 boys are screened and picked according to their skills and talents. Debuted last May 24, 2012 with Superhero.

N (Cha Hakyeon) "N who filled with charisma on stage"

LEO (Jung Taekwoon) "Taekwoon delicate voice"

KEN (Lee Jaehwan) "Jaehwan with a charming soulful voice"

Ravi (Kim Wonsik) "Ravi, a rapper full of ambition"

Hongbin (Lee Hongbin) "Hansome visual Hongbin"

Hyuk (Han Sanhyuk) "Cute maknae Hyuk"

Their debut song was SUPERHERO. In this song VIXX is the SUPERHERO where can save you from danger, they have super powers in this song like what superheroes did.

Their next single was "ROCK UR BODY" August 21, 2012. VIXX grabbed attention with 2D game like teaser along with a SISTAR member participated in the MV.

January 17, 2013 they released another single entitled "ON AND ON" where they change they image into a dark concept.

And they released their first mini album entitled "HYDE" where tracks includes 
1. Light Up the Darkness

2. Hyde
3. Stop Enduring (Feat. Minah of Girl's Day)
5. Love Letter
6. Hyde (Instrumental)

Next is the reversed verse of Hyde, entitled "GR8U" under their repacked album "JEKYLL"

After these albums they have their VIXX GLOBAL SHOWCASE in many countries like Korea, Japan, Dallas and Los Angeles.

After their global showcase they released another single featuring OKDAL named "Grils, Why?". Next released another MV "Only You"

(Girls Why?)

(Only You)

AND NOW THEY HAVE THEIR FIRST REGULAR ALBUM HAS A TITLE "VOODOO" and they have their 1st win on Music Bank

Track includes:
2.저주인형(VOODOO Doll)
3.Beautiful Killer
5.Because the Answer is You (Only U)
7.Secret Night
8.Say U Say Me
9.오늘부터 내 여자 (My Girl From Today)
10.태어나줘서 고마워 (Thanks for birth)
12.Rock Ur Body
15.저주인형(VOODOO Doll) Instrumental vers.

To thanks the fans or so called Starlights they released a MV of "Thank You for my Love" on their 600th days.


[TRANS] 140524 VIXX' Messages to Starlights!

N : All I can say is, thank you, and thank you, to my Starlights, for shining your lights upon VIXX for this 2 years. Let's continue being together  !!

LEO : Congratulations on 2nd anniversary. Thank you really much. From Leo

Congrats on 2nd anniversary! 

RAVI : Thank you! Starlight! I love you! -RAVI-

HONGBIN : Thank you for being together always

HYUK : No matter when, Thank you! Starlights~ 

Source: VIXX - 2ND YEAR ANNIVERSARY Greeting (Offciial Video)
Translations: withVIXX

So now were waiting for the VIXX Comeback and they already have there photo teaser images and video.

 VIXX impress with their electrifying MV teaser for 'ETERNITY'
"They released their first MV teaser, which showcases the boys' amazingly catchy, fast-paced, and energetic dance moves. The boys are overflowing with manly charms and great stamina as they quickly snap to movements to the dance beat in the background while the dark lighting and cool effects give off a mysterious vibe."

"I'm so grateful that I knew VIXX and support them until the end of their career (I hope it will not end ♥). Even though I can't see them near me I know in my heart I saw them face to face."

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