Friday, May 23, 2014

The Controversies of Kris Wu and EXO's first solo concert in Seoul

Controversies about Kris Wu

In May 15, 2014, almost five years after "Hangeng" filed his case against SM Entertainment, "Kris" of EXO filed a lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment. and many fans became dissappointed.

The lawyer "Cho Bum Suk" of the law firm Hanbyul, the same lawyer who handled Hangeng's case nearly five years ago, will be representing Kris.

One time i heard this issue on a t.v channel and its a music channel. And its says that "Kris filed a lawsuit in SME to terminate his contract and because of his health issues. He also wants to leave EXO based on the lawsuit that he filed."

Fans has been triggered when the following members (Chanyeol, Sehun, luhan, and tao) have unfollowed kris on Instagram especially when the three of them (except luhan) have posted on Instagram about their feelings of betrayal and confusion, to Kris prompting fans to suspect that something is going on behind the scenes.

A former SM Entertainment trainee, Song Byung Yang, also posted on Weibo, "As an old friend of Kris, it wasn't easy seeing him struggle due to the severe mental stress and fatigue. Because his body couldn't handle it, he even developed heart problems."

Also the other SME stans became mad to the agency's current CEO "Kim Young-man" and they have been mistaken that "Lee Soo Man" became the SME's former CEO because they want him back.

But to inform you "Lee Soo Man" never became the agency's CEO because he was the founder of the Agency.

Fans became emotional and theres a time that it became the no. 1 trending topic worldwide on twitter together with the hashtags #WeBeliveInYouKris (Believe) and #WeMissYouKris.

According to SME, they inform the fans that 11 members will perform at the Olympic Gymnasium in Songpagu, Seoul on May 23-25 (Starting Tonight 8:00 PM KST). they are very thankful from the fans for showing love to EXO and they are currently doing their very best to bring a high quality performance that will bring a spectacular stage to their fans. And said that "we (SME) are doing are best to reach out kris if he can join the concert but we think he cannot." Yet as of today it has been said by the fans that will attend to concert later that kris will not attend the concert.

To add to this, member Suho commented on Kris's actions on M!Countdown on May 15, saying "I think Kris' actions are irresponsible and show that he's not thinking about EXO at all. Our members and agency have no issues. What Kris needs to do right now is take back the lawsuit and apologize to the members and company."

Any ways there are really no legitimated/confirmed news about this issue. Many fans says that they respect kris decision if it is what makes him happy. But also other fans says that he should go back to EXO. And they are yelling each other because the fans that respect decision kris says "if you love kris you should respect his decision if that makes him safe and sound" while the other fans says that "EXO will not be one if there is no galaxy. They should be one! They are OT12 not OT11".

Well since we hear the opinion of the other sides it must be respected and its up to kris what is his decision. Let's just wait about his response and lets hope for the best.

We are One! We are EXO.

EXO from EXOplanet: The Lost Planet in Seoul

Do you heard about the sold out of tickets within 1.47 seconds?
It seems impossible right? But it seems 50% true.

Well this is the day that the fans are waiting for. especially korean fans because finally EXO will be having there first Solo Concert in Songpagu, Seoul at the Olympic Gymnasium on May 23-25 Tonight.

Well other than the excitement fans became dissappointed because Digicams and Videocams are not allowed. Added to this, EXO kris will not attend at the said concert because of the pictures and banners that is being displayed. and based on the video message that they uploaded for there fans, kris is not there. They are only 11.

Any ways the concert is also a trending topic on twitter with the hashtag #LOSTPLANETinSEOUL.

International fans are regretting about this opportunity. Because they programs on the concert is being viral in social media sites such as:

"EXO will be Crossdressing"
"EXO will perform Gee and Genie of SNSD"
"EXO will choose some fans from the crowd to join them on stage"

and also it seems that in this event will be announce the official FANDOM name of EXO.
so fans are excited.

You can see the reactions of the international fans on twitter with the hashtag #LOSTPLANETinSEOUL

Well congratulations to EXO! and They may have a succesful concert.


  1. Ooh! We miss you Kris so much :( :')

  2. If EXO really lve Kris,then they must respect his decision!!!

  3. we love EXo AT THE same time we love kris therefore understand what kris decision