Sunday, May 4, 2014

I survived a BAP attack, live on earth!

I had just literally spent a full whole week in LA and just when I returned home for school and work again, BAP decides to crash land! Great.

It was right after coming back home from spending the Spring Break of 2014 in Los Angeles, Calif. when the stirring news that the second attack was underway in LA again this year. I couldn't believe what I just read... B.A.P. crash lands once again, here live on earth? No freaking way!

B.A.P.’s 2014 live on earth continental tour has begun already and I wasn’t about to let anything stop me from taking my little sisters and I to see them first hand in action. What was it about these six strange little bunnies with their distinctive concepts and influential music that had us hooked so badly? No Kpop artists had us so good that we would risk everything at that time and moment, dropped what little we had left and actually pick up and leave for this grand event. One night and 3+ hours of witnessing these matokis do what they do best was worth every penny!

We missed it the first time and had just literally became babies ourselves. Never in a million years have I ever imagined myself standing where I was at that moment there in that theater, watching these idols that I’ve watched behind closed doors on phone screens and laptops. And yes, this was our very first real life Kpop concert! Trust me, my little sisters reminded me every day after B.A.P’s first attack of how we missed the opportunity to experience this thrilling event that might not ever happen again in any of our near future! Since we’re not as open with our interest for Kpop as others are. It hurt that we couldn't just experience this one thing with our favorite idols! So we made sure we didn't miss it for the world this time around.

No matter the distance, time and place I made the promise to my little sisters that with this group’s great influence we won't miss their next attack! So without hesitation I got us tickets, booked our flights and reserved a car all within the hour of finding out B.A.P's next stop. Though we've just only came back, we prepared ourselves once again and so back to LA we go. The concert was held ironically on April 22, 2014, which was earth day in the US and on a Tuesday night. We all had either work or school Wednesday morning but with quick, careful planning and positiveness, we knew we had what it takes to survive this attack once and for all and return in time to resume our "normal" lives again. We left Tuesday afternoon at 4pm, landed in LA at 5:30pm and got our rental car by 6:30pm and were on our way to the concert in no time, which was suppose to start at 8pm.

Surprisingly everything went by fast and almost all too smoothly. The line was great since the theater had multiple entrances. The best part was seeing all these diverse babies all in one place, occupying one space for one same purpose. We really are not alone. It felt surreal just thinking about it again now. All thoughts of other babies and reality left the building as soon as B.A.P. took that stage. They really do never fail in their mission to entice and riled us all up in person as they do on TV.

Although I was only drawn to this intriguing group-with their powerful dances and diverse talents-from their solid leader, Bang Yongguk’s solo debut, I am proud to say I am a baby and a very big one at that. I am also Youngjae bias~ that passionate boy can sure sing and take ones' breathe away with those lips and dancing of his!

B.A.P by far has stood out the most when it comes to Kpop, for me. With their dominant swag and passionate phrases, they really live up to their name: Best. Absolute. Power. Surviving their second live on earth attack was one of the best highlights on my bucket list. I recommend careful planning, quick reflexes, no… no… no mercy and YOLO thinking in order to survive the next attacks from these witty little aliens, which at this rate are bound to be back in time!

So in the mean time, sit back and relax as you view this special clip but remember keep calm and love BAP! B.A.P. Yes Sir!
You can view more photos of our amazing survival story here

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