Friday, May 23, 2014


Annyeonghaseyo yeorobun!!!
              I'm angela, 19 years old (Am I old enough? hahaha) I'm from Philippines and a first time blogger. Thank you for the opportunity kpop saranghae :))
              I really don't know what to write but since I'm an Exostan (galaxies) also I want to know your opinion about Kris oppa~ sudden issue of leaving the group since we all know that he is the leader of EXO-M, this is like a sudden pause, a heart attack, we are all shocked and many questions like why? why so sudden? what happened? what is the reason? is it true? many speculations came out and it makes the issue more complicated. It's really hard for me and for us EXOstans(galaxies), it made me cry when I saw the news even without the both confirmation from both parties, and when the issue getting so serious I ended up like is it really happening? I'm just dreaming right? we cried my friend is also an exostan, I ate a lot, drink coffee even the weather is hot I cant help it. We are waiting for the updates and crying with hope that this is not true. At that time I lost myself I forgot my clearance and receipt to our treasurer's office on school. Its ashamed really, I thought the wind flew it. By the way, it's EXO's 2nd day of concert as an international fan I'm envious those fans who can watch them to perform. I'm putting all my trust to masternims (fansite masters) for HD pictures because cameras are prohibited in the concert and the livestream is not working(deep sigh). But I'm hoping for the best of EXO saranghaja! hwaiting!.
             You can ask anything, comment down your opinion and everything. Gamsahamnida chingus. See you next time, bye~


  1. me and my friend were like you guys too , i just want to cry and tell kris to come back but its his choice . but i still can't believe their going to be 11 fir me it dont feel the same cause there no KRIS . i just want to cry & at first when i heat about this everyonr was like ITS FAKE SO I WASN'T WORRY , BUT THEN I SAW IT SAYING THAT IT WAS TRUE but heart drop that i said to myself this can't be truee T-T

    1. annyeong~! mianhe for the late reply and thank you for commenting. I feel you, we EXOstans holding in a single hope that Kris will came back to us and our OTP12 will be complete.