Monday, May 12, 2014

SAD Imagine (Suho)

You've been married to Suho for 3 years now and after so long, your finally expecting your first child. Its been a rollercoaster these past 3 years. Although hes been busy, he texts you every night and calls you tell you he loves and misses you. Life couldn't get better. He works hard and so do you.

*beep beep beep*
*you read a text*
Suho: Its currently 1am here in Japan and we just came back from our concert. I'm really tired but I couldn't stop thinking of you. Hope you sleep well. Its cold so make sure you keep yourself and our daughter warm. I love you and I will see you tomorrow.

You reply and then head off to sleep. Been pregnant isn't easy for you especially when your husband is overseas but you still manage to smile. The next morning you wake up and your shocked. You open your eyes and Suho is on the side of your bed staring and smiling at you with flowers. He kisses you and says goodmorning while rubbing your stomach.
Suho: How is my daughter? Just a few more days then we get to meet you.

Today he takes you to the zoo. Wow all these pretty animals can be seen all around you. You've been walking for about 24 minutes and you finally reach the car when suddenly you feel strange. You collapse. Your going into labour. "Hold on baby" Suho says while lifting you into the car. He speeds off towards the hospital. The pain unbearable. He tells you to hold on. Suddenly you gaze up and see a little boy on the road. Suho quickly swerves and hits a pole. The car is silent and you black out. After awhile Suho wakes up while in hospital. He runs out and asks where you are.

Doctor: Your wife didn't make it, she was killed when her head cracked against the window. Your daughter was saved because your wife turned her stomach towards the back of your vehicle.

His cries can be heard and he collapses onto the ground. As he sobs, his heart begins to ache. The same time a tiny baby is bought into the room and the feeling of saddens slowly evaporates.

Suho: I guess its just you and me now. Your mum is my world and she is now watching over us from heaven. I love you <3

How do you feel after reading my fanfiction? :)


  1. T^T I started to cry! I really felt like I was that girl. As I was reading it, I can see it. So, thats why I cried. T^T My heart hurts.....

    1. Thank you, I'm glad that people got emotional after reading my fanfic 😊

  2. Oh my gosh.. I cant even describe how I feel... :( Suho<3