Sunday, May 25, 2014

Raction: Seeing your Idols bare faced

   Do you leave your idols if you saw them bare faced?

                    I had watched the SB roommate (i'm so late right?) anyways as I was saying some idols don't want to show their face when it has no make up on it. For me, seeing them bare faced is not a big issue, in fact I want t see them that way. After School Nana is afraid to show her face o her fans because she is afraid that they might leave her (she is sort of kidding while saying that) she is beautiful with or without make up. I think we should boost their confidence, encourage them to show their bare face more often(isn't amazing? hahaha) we understand that they are idols and keeping their image beautiful but there is something more about them that we want to know and see right?. Like SNSD Tiffany eyesmile queen, I really like her eyesmile. She is so pretty and afraid to show her face, i forgot the name but I guess he is a reporter he said that whe Tiffany arrived without make up, she puts sunglasses and covering herself and face, if  I'm not mistaken i had watched it on Strong Heart . But there is a picture of Fany who is still laying and half awake she is really pretty and adorable :))

                  I just wanna ask, do you leave your idols if you saw them without make up on or bare faced?

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