Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Onew and I

If you are under 18 age, please do not read this! 

 “Come on~ do you wanna get under my skin or not?” U said

“r u sure this is a good idea? I I … might get you pregnant you know” Onew said

“That is why they invented something call… condom. U nerdy” U said

“But this is my first time so…. “ Onew said

“I will take the lead” u smirked at him

U holds his hands and places them under your T-shirt. U slowly bring them up to your breast.

“Feel it baby” U said

Onew’s eyes are widening open as he feels your D-cup breast.

Ur face starts to get closer to him and kiss him like you want to eat his lips alive.

Both of U let out a moan and the action started here

Onew pushes you on the floor and starts to kiss you. His hand makes it way toward your bra and the other toward your panties.

Both of you let out a moan of pleasure.

“Onew. Fvck me now. Please do it now”You moaned into his ear

Onew breaks up the kiss. He rips your shirt open and gets excited due to your big milky breast.

He massages your breast under your bra with his hand while the other making it way inside your panties.

“Like what you see bastard?” u looked at him with the most seductive look.

“fvck yes” he said as he unclip your bra.

“fvck…what a breast u bitch” he said

He sucks on your left breast roughly

“that’s hurt u idiot” u screamed.

“the f I care” he laughed.

After he finished with your left breast, he turns into your right nipple. He licked it and bites on it.

“fvck…” you screamed.

He stops and strips out of his pants. He also strips you off and reveals your hot pink panties

“fvck bitch. You’re wet” he said and rips your panties apart.

Like an animal, he spread your legs widely and starts to lick your wet hole

“fvck.. MORE. Bastard give me MORE” you moaned in pleasure

He places his ɗιϲƙ inside of your hole and fvck you.

He humps you with a rough pace while mumbles on your nipples.

“More more more . faster faster” you said as you was running out of breath.

He humps you and has a tongue fight inside your mouth.

The sound of skin hitting each other, the moan, the sucking sound

“I’m coming. Fvck” Both you screamed as you get to the climax)

Onew falls down on to your body and tries to catch his breath.

His ɗιϲƙ is still inside your hole.

“fvck bitch.”he said.

“Get out of my holes bastard” you said at you pushed him away.

Onew gasps for breath and fall sleep right after that.

U walk out of your room and makes your way to the swimming pool.