Friday, May 23, 2014

My KPOP journey

Hello, I'm blog writer "HeyitsmissKIM".
I would like to share my kpop story.

My kpop journey started with Super Junior. At first I was probably like any other person I questioned who these Asian men were and I was confused about what they were saying. At first I was very stupid and immediately called them "Chinese guys". After listening to "No Other" I was drawn to the beat as well as the cute dance moves. After awhile I was introduced to BIGBANG! This is where my kpop obsession began. I was so in love with their song "Bad Boy" and I couldn't believe how cool they were. I immediately fell in love and this is where I fast forward it today. Now I have been a kpopper for about 2 and a half years. I love a variety of groups from EXO to groups who aren't as mainstream like Nu'est and rookie groups. I'm glad I found the world of kpop because it has changed my life. I could never be more greatful for how happy I am when I confide with people in my fandoms and as well when I see my biases happy. South Korea, thank you for existing.

What is your kpop story?
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  1. My Kpop Story begin when "Bigbang" introduce to me of my Unnie. She said, she love 'Haru Haru' of BB.. And I think, I was 15 that time. And then, I love that song. And then, when Sandara Park Leaving Philippines and become Kpop.. That was the real beginning of my Kpop World. And Exo, I really love them specially Kris. Because of those people, I love Kpop.

  2. My K-Pop journey began while watching K-Dramas on TV. I fell in love with Choi Minho in drama "To The Beautiful You". I looked him up on YouTube and the rest is history. I started out with everything SHINee, then progressed on to Super Junior; Rain Bi; EXO;BAP; OST from "That Winter,The Wind Blows". Even tho I don't understand any Korean language except for a few words here & there; I love the music & videos out there. Music is a *Universal language that we all understand. I am an *fan forever to K-Pop & K-Drama. Love you Korea <3 (Y)

  3. I started my journey when my friend introduced my to SHINee's Ring Ding Dong so I came home that day and looked them up I was instantly addicted.Now I listen to 50 or more different groups including Exo.Big Bang BTOB and Girls Generation and I love the kpop fandom I met so many new friends!