Sunday, May 11, 2014


You've been good friends with this guy for 3 years now. Your bond is unbreakable. He makes you laugh uncontrollably and he makes you smile.

You: Luhan, what are we doing for our 3 year best friend anniversary?
Luhan: I need to tell you something. Hey, why don't we go to dinner.

You agree and tell him you'll meet him tonight. You wonder what on earth does he have to say to you. You go out shopping for a new dress and a present for Luhan. You see a cute deer beanie and you decide to buy 2. One for you and one for you. As you walk around you find a dress that is really pretty. You buy that aswell. By the time you arrive home its already 6pm and Luhan is picking you up at 7. You hurry up and quickly shower. You put your dress on and some heels. You then put on some lipstick. Ahh your done and Luhan just arrived. You walk out the door while Luhan holds your arm so you don't fall. As you arrive at the restaurant Luhan says how beautiful you look. You both have a conversation for a couple of minutes before he leaves for the bathroom. You sit there waiting, then your food arrives. As you are waiting for Luhan a hand quietly taps your shoulder. You turn around and its Luhan.

You: Yes oppa? ^_^
Luhan: Come outside

He grabs your hand and walks you outside to under a tree. He kneels down and bring out a note which then he reads ..

Its been 3 years right? I have finally realized that after 3 years my heart is falling for you deeper and deeper. So instead of being my bestfriend, will you be my girlfriend?"

What will your answer be ladies?


  1. Luhan, youre so cute. ^^ But my heart belongs to PandaTao. >///<

  2. My heart is forever with Baekhyun, Chan Yeol and Xiumin sorry Luhannie XD :'(

  3. Yes!~ Of course~! Love you Luhan oppa!~ <3

  4. Of course yes, but my heart belongs to ChenChen ~!

  5. I'm truly sorry Luhan-nim but I dont love you that way XP

  6. 앗 .. 그래서 달콤한 : 3 나는 그것을 사랑 해요! 나는 더 많은 것을 필요로한다. Sehun 오빠주세요