Friday, May 23, 2014

Lost Planet

Today May 23, 2014 is the first solo concert of EXO in Seoul,Korea.
Many aspiring fans want to watch this solo concert, especially to the EXOSTANS but lucky fans was supposed to watch because of the limited slots.Many International fans now are Online at different social sites because they want to be updated, they want to know what happened today, and they said that only livestream is their hope but unfortunately, there no  Livestreaming  happend, but for the others Youtube is their Hope by Uploading the fancams with subtitles.

Mean while, before the concert was started many fans are in the outside of the stadium that waiting.

at the first picture they edited it, they put Kris at the one slot. But at the 2nd picture(original) Kris wasn't there because of the issues, Kris not able to perform the Concert.

The other fan that did not come at the concert was feel like this ☺, while there are in their houses and facing at the computer.

These are the tickets of the 1st Solo Concert of EXO

The second one was drawing by a fan that didn't come the concert.

The Beautiful Light Sticks that that they use while at the concert.

At the EXO's Concert they invited a Lucky Girl Fan in Stage 


While the other EXO Members are performing, EXO Kris is online at the weibo. Kris Changed his profile bio to ''YOU'VE WORKED HARD, HWAITING!'' He is  referring to EXO.

Lastly the Hot air balloon ♥

 Once again I'll promise to my self that someday I'll stand in this sea. I LOVE YOU EXO ! ♥

Maybe I'm not a AVID FAN but I do really loved them.

 Thank you for reading my post here, By the way this is my first time to write here and my first time to become a Blogger. I hope you like it.I'm Angelica V. Osdaña, 16 years old from Philippines.
NOW May 23,2014 , 09:09 PM i'll sign out.


  1. magiging part rin tayo ng OCEAN. tiwala lang :D

  2. OO nga eh basta after 1234567890asdfghjkl years makakanuod din tayo ng Live na performance nila ♥

    1. opo tiwala lang makaka panood rin tayo ng live yung nakikita ntin cla ng totoo pti nahahawakan makakanood rin tayo po promise!!!