Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's all about me ♥ (Fangirling at EXO)

Hello everyone this is my second time to write here, my first one was entitled "Lost Planet" I hope all of you was already read it.By the way I'm Angelica Osdaña you can call me JECA, 16 years of age, from Philippines.

I'm a KPOP fan, I do really love KPOP Artist especially EXO. I started fangirling  to them when i was 15 years old its was MID Era (Miracles In December ERA).

 At first I don't really know who are they and I also forgot their faces because they are 12 and all of them was truly handsome. But when days,weeks & months pass by I already recognize them by their faces and their skills even tho their are many different Era, their styles are always different.

By this days and many more years I will never stop Loving them  and watching them thru Youtube, because they are already part of my entire life and they give me happiness and strength everyday.

I love EXO because they are always happy, Angelic, Happy go lucky, talented, they love each other and their Families & they are really handsome.

At the Philippines they called it sometimes "Isang Dosenang Bakla" (12 Gays) but they are Happy and proud because they didn't not doing it seriously because we all known that EXO is not a gay. Were just being Happy go lucky by the Haters that keep on saying that EXO's are gays.

Even there are many struggles in our life and at EXO i will never leave them,  like what they said "WE ARE ONE"
This is my story being a FANGIRL. How about you share it to me by commenting , maybe someday I'll publish it here. Thank you for reading.

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