Thursday, May 22, 2014

If u could...

If u could...

...feed your bias,what do you want to give him (like Kimchi,Cupcakes or something..)
... send him a message,what would you write ? (like Dear Oppa,I love you...)
... hug him,what would be your reaction? (Like Dying haha~)
... Kiss him,how would you kiss him (like in a cute way,cool way or sth..)
... meet him for one day,what do you want to do?
I am rly interested ~ Tell me what would happen & who your bias is ~ ~


  1. My bias is Key (SHINee).
    If I could feed him, I would cook something from Russia ('cause I'm Russian, but something reviewed by my mom.
    If I could send him a message: Hi Key! You are amazing! If I meet you one day, I hope it will happen because of my job, for work with you. This way I could be me, not a crazy fan from Belgium. :)
    If I could hug him, it would be so awesome. I would be really nervous, but happy.
    If I could kiss him, I would not kiss him. I have a boyfriend. :D
    If I could meet him for one day, I would go to my home with him and make him cook something with me and make some crazy pics for never forget this day. I could also teach him French or Russian. Lol

  2. I have so many Biases but i'll go with Sehun (exo) if I could feed him I'd cook for him something he had never eaten Maybe something Moroccan Like KousKous . If I 'd send him a message it'd be "dear Sehun you 've messed up my standers . Just keep up the good work and eat well. if you ever decide to come to Morocco i'll be more than happy to show you around" if I could hug him ... I don't know how will I react. for the kiss; it depends if it was on the cheek it'd be fine . If I could meet him and spend a day with him we would divide the day i'll take the lead for the morning and leave him decide for the evening . We could be good friends because he's the type of guy I like

  3. My biases are Tao & Key. But more Tao because I love EXO more than SHINee~
    If I could feed him; I would feed him one of my deliciously, tasty, English roast dinners, since I'm English. But I would also like to impress him with my Chinese cooking. ^^
    If I could send him a message; I would say; 'Ni hao, Panda! I hope you're okay, try not to get too stressed & sad, because I know how your staff treat you & that you're pressured, & I know you miss Kris. Chin up, handsome, I believe in you~ Fighting! ^^'
    If I could hug him; I would wrap my arms around his waist & snuggle into his panda chest, hoping he would wrap one arm around my neck, with his free hand playing with my hair, as he nuzzles my head~ ^///^
    If I could kiss him; I would take his hands & lace my fingers with his, hoping he would brush the hair out of my face gently, & hold my cheek with one hand, as I peck his lips a couple of times, sweetly, softly, & tenderly, because I like to keep everything sweet & cute~ ^///^ (This would be our first kiss)
    If I could meet him one day; There would be so many things to do! I would pick two things (I would like him to do some Chinese art with me, & I would like to go shopping, too), & I would ask him to choose two things. & If everything is over quickly, I would make him rest earlier because he's soooo tired~ T///T

  4. I really dont know it's like Ricky,Tao,Kris,Xiumin,D.O,Onew,Daesung,CNU,Yoseob,Jungshin,Taemin,Henry,Zelo,Rap Monster,N or Ravi it's really hard to choose Ricky.Tao and Taemin are my bias wreckers so probably any of those three um I would probably make them cake or something cause I can't really cook I would probably hug his arm or his waist and lay my head on his legs while he's sitting down and for kissing I would probably peck his cheek gently and I hope he would put me on his lap like a doll(cause I'm tiny)and slide his fingers through my hair but pause with his big gorgeous hand on my head and wrap his arm around my waist and touch my nose with his and kiss slowly and gently for awhile then pull away slowly,looks me in the eyes with his charming simile and says,"I love you"

  5. My bias list is very i'll just stick with EXO's Chanyeol....

    If i could feed him......i'll feed him Pizza because i want to know how he'll think about my fave food.

    If i could send him a message.... i'll tell him:

    Oppa, you inspire me so much. I hope one day, a very crazy barrier keeping me from being with you, just disappear so that not only me, but most fans, have a chance to win your heart. Someday, i wish that if we might meet, i can tell you something you have inspired me to achieve.

    If i could hug him...... my reaction would be blushing so hard then fainting.....

    If i could kiss him..... i'd choose to kiss him like an accidental kiss from a drama....

    If i could spend a day with him...... i'd want to get to know him even more....and probably, go ice skating and watch the sunset afterwards.

  6. My bias is Xiumin/Min Seok!!

    I would feed him my favorite thing.. Cheesecake!!! I think he'll like it because he likes sweets!! ^^

    Dear Minnie Oppa, I love and you're perfect the way you are, so don't keep going on diets! I am really worried about your health! Food is great, just find the healthy version of foods with lots of flavors and drink a lot of water! You are a motivation to me all the time especially when I'm down! I believe in you. Don't get depressed, because I'm cheering you on all the time! Fighting!!!

    I would probably faint...

    I would do the whole dramatic thing that they do in K Dramas. I would kiss him in the rain (or go get a bucket and have people throwing it on us with water or something)

    We'll do lots of things which includes baking cookies and cakes!!