Tuesday, May 27, 2014

honey !!

Kyungsoo!!! Get your butt over here right now!” you yelled from the kitchen. Kyungsoo, your boyfriend, sensed your annoyance from your tone. The only way to get rid of that annoyance was by aegyo: your weakness against him. He quickly got into character by waddling cutely towards where you stood, arms crossed, leaning on one hip with one eyebrow cocked at him.
“Yes, my love?!” he asked cutely, of course.
“The kitchen’s messy, honey. The dishes haven’t been washed and it’s your week to wash the dishes, food that’s supposed to be put back in the fridge so it won’t spoil is not in the fridge, and you haven’t folded the clothes yet!!! This is so unlike you, Kyungsoo!!! What’s going on?” you scolded. Kyungsoo looked at his feet, puffing out his cheeks with doe eyes, pretending to think about his wrongdoing. 
“I know that since your debut promotions are over, babe, that you want to take a break, but it’s been a whole month since then. Please, Kyungsoo, please just do your chores for once, again,” you pleaded and stepped towards him.
“I did my part holding up the fort while you were gone. Now I need you to do your part while you’re here with me,” he then directed his aegyo-filled eyes towards your disappointment-filled ones, and you noticed that he used his technique. “Now don’t you dare go using aegyo on me. I’m not doing your load of work when you’re here.”
“Yeoboooo! Pleaseeee?!” Kyungsoo pleaded, puffing out his cheeks again and doing the “bbuing, bbuing” aegyo that his bandmate, Sehun, always used on you as well.
“Please? Just this once, please just one of my chores!”
“No, I need to go to work in,” you checked your watch, “thirty minutes! Oh my God!”
“No!” you shouted.es popping out of their sockets on the other end. 

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