Saturday, May 10, 2014


*Knock Knock*
You: Hello?
Kai: 예보? (Honey)

Its been awhile since you've talked to Kai. He is your ex boyfriend. You broke up after you didn't see him for awhile because he was busy with travelling. Everyday you think about him but you cant get him out of your head. Its like you miss him everytime you hear new songs from EXO. You've gotten over the feelings and decided to move on.

You: Kai, I think its time we move on. Your busy and you never talk to me.
Kai: Please I cant go another day without you. IM SORRY!

You want to take him back but you already have a boyfriend who is funny and always happy. His name is Chanyeol. You call him ...
You: Baby, Kai is outside my door.
Chanyeol: Don't open it honey. I will be there now.

After a few minutes, Chanyeol arrives and you hear a loud argument outside.

Kai: I love her more than you would ever
Chanyeol: You left her heartbroken and I picked up the broken pieces and pasted them together.

You start to feel sad. Your heart cant get let go of the memories you had with Kai but then it cant let go of the things Chanyeol does for you.

Who will you choose? Comment below ^_^


  1. Kai because kai didn't mean to busy. I know all i need is only time and space to decision.

  2. I would Choose Chanyeol. 😃

  3. i would choose kai of course because the feeling is still there :)

  4. ....chanyeol is my bias but prefer to this fiction I would choose Kai!

  5. I will choose other member, maybe Lay or D.O

  6. CHANYEOL <3 bcoz he is happy virus...

  7. eu escolheria o Kai.