Saturday, May 10, 2014


"Hey are you new here? Let me show you around *smile*" a boy whispers to you in class.

It's your first day of highschool. You've moved from your country all the way to Seoul. Your nervous and you feel kind of sick. A nice boy just offered to show you around your new school. Hes really strange yet has big eyes. His name is D.O ~ He has heart shaped lips and a cute smile.


That's the bell. Its time for lunch. As you walk outside the classroom you bump into D.O~ "oh I'm sorry." you bow and say while he replies "Its okay. Shall we go together?"

As you both walk down the hallway, there are alot of people staring. You wonder, why? Is it because I'm new? You feel scared. D.O tells you that you will both go buy lunch now while you agreed. As you arrive at the canteen you see a group of girls run towards him and surround him. You get knocked on to the floor. "ouch" you say quietly as people stand on your things. As you lie there in pain, D.O grabs your hand and helps you up. The group of girls stop and stare in shock. He grabs your arm and takes you to the counter. Your shocked as well. "Are you alright? I'm sorry. I'm part of a idol group called EXO. We have many fans." you say its okay and you both buy lunch. You walk towards the exit then he grabs your arm again and takes you to a table with alot of chairs. You sit down and he says he wants to introduce you to his friends. Suddenly 11 others come and sit down.

Suho: D.O who is this pretty girl?
D.O : My new best friend.

Your shocked and greet them. You look around and see nearly everyone staring.

Tao: Don't worry about them. Just eat, the food is really nice.
Baekhyun: You look like D.O's type ;)

You see D.O blush and life and your heart begins to flutter. Ahh hes so cute you think to yourself. You have a bit of food on your chin. D.O grabs a napkin and whipes it off for you. As he is doing that Lay accidently bumps him and your lips touch.

D.O: oh .. Uh..its okay.

Everyone is shocked then suddenly D.O leans over and kisses you on the cheek. You sit there shocked.

Comment your thoughts on how you would feel if D.O kissed you?


  1. Ohh my God !!! Is this Heaven kyahhhhh >///<

  2. Omg, I would feel so nervous being around all 11 members! Kyaaaaaaahhhhhh! :)

  3. sitting with all 12 members I would be so nervous oh my gosh that would be amazing