Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BTS announce pre order of Skool Luv Affair Special Addition with new song ' Miss Right '

Even though all of my posts have been about EXO so far , I actually love many other groups , BTS being one of them . Of course by BTS I mean The Bangtan Boys . I've been a fan of them since debut and I love love love them , I just adore them . If you haven't given them a chance yet , please do , seriously you won't regret it , they may be a rookie group but horse boys are so unbelievably talented , they just love music with there heart and soul . For instance there one song ' I Like It ' is a big hit among BTS fans ( who are called Army's by the way ) and SUGA wrote that song in 45 minutes and it's an amazing song . I'm really looking forward to this new album , I can't wait too see what new material they've come up with . BTS Fighting !!!

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