Monday, May 12, 2014

Baekhyun Imagine

"Annyeong Haseyo!" a loud voice comes from the other side of the room. Your at a coffee shop where there are alot of people gathering, you dont know what all the fuss is all about but apparently a few kpop stars have a fan signing going on. You go in and grab some cake and also buy yourself a cup of tea. 

Baekhyun: Hello, who are you? Here let me buy you the tea.
You: No It's alright oppa, I'll by it. *bows*

As you are purchasing your tea, he grabs your arm and smiles. "Seriously, I will buy it for you. You look so beautiful today." Baekhyun says. You thank him and go on your way outside. As you are walking to work you realize that because there were alot of people at the coffee shop, you had to wait longer then expected so your going to be late for work. Your a new make up artist and you've been hired at one of the most successful entertainment companies, SM Entertainment. You finally make it to the SM headquarters where there are alot of fans outside. You squeeze through and enter the building. You are walking to a room while being led by another person. "Here is the group you will be doing the makeup for today." It was a group with 12 handsome boys. You sit down and wait for these boys to come in, after while they enter and you as well as the other staff members. You look down at your make up pallet and look up to see which person you'll be doing the make up for. To your surprise, it was the guy who bought you tea earlier on.

Baekhyun: Hey we meet again. Your even prettier close up.
You thank him and get started on his make up. He talks to you and makes you laugh. Its time for him to perform. You say goodbye and you make your way to the next venue. After countless appearances at different places your tired. Your day is finally over. As you get your stuff and make your way out of the door, Baekhyun grabs your hand quickly and takes you to a room. 

Baekhyun: Today was really fun. I want to spend more time with you.
A few months later you both become really close and begin dating. Today is a special day. One of Korea's big awards show is on tonight. You get ready to go and put on makeup for alot of kpop stars. As you are walking in, you trip in front of everyone and your things drop. EXO is currently on the red carpet and Baekhyun notices you. He quickly runs to you and helps you up. All the cameras turn and face you both. You get up quickly and tell him to go.

Reporter 1: Who is that? 
Reporter 2: Baekhyun why did you run to her?

The lights of the cameras keep clicking. You feel so embarrassed because your dress is ruined with make up. You go to walk away then Baekhyun grabs your hand and pulls you back. He takes off his jacket and gives it to you while he kneels on the ground and wipes away the makeup on your dress.

Reporter 1: What? Why are you doing that?
Reporter 2: Baekhyun tell us who she is.
You: Im just their make up artist.

You whisper to him to go and that youll be alright. He then stands up and says something that shocks everyone.

Baekhyun: She isn't just my makeup artist. Shes my girlfriend.

Did my fanfiction make your heart flutter? :D


  1. Very nice ^.^

    But like the suho imagine more!

  2. I likeeee it ..really really like it . <3